Phantom Dimmable Digital Ballasts


Phantom Digital 1000W/240V Electronic Dimmable Ballast features a unique tri-mode dimmable microprocessor for even more energy savings. The Phantom is the most rigorously tested ballast on the market, featuring silent operation, durable and lightweight design, and maximum lumen output. The Phantom is also the only ballast on the market designed for vertical operation, for coolest running and optimum grow space. FCC CertifiedCSA Certified3 Year Warranty

Phantom Original Ballast


The original Phantom Ballast features a unique tri-mode dimmable microprocessor for optimal energy savings as well as maximum light output. This ballast runs silently, and is the most rigorously tested on the market. The original Phantom is the only ballast designed for vertical operation, which supports cooler operation and optimizes grow space.

The Original Phantom Ballast®

Original Phantom Ballast

Four-way variable intensity: 60%, 75%, 100%, and Super Boost (Available on 600, 750, and 1000W models)
Resettable breakers
8' power cord included
Patent pending dual receptacle works with all common reflectors – no adapter required
Internal RF shielding


  • FCC and CSA Certified
  • Intelligent ignition circuitry checks power, ballast, and lamp condition before start-up
  • Hot restrike technology senses high lamp temperature and will not ignite until a safe operating temperature is reached
  • Dual resettable breakers protect lamp and household circuits
  • Three operating configurations – vertical, horizontal, or hanging
  • Drives the highest light output for maximum plant growth


  • Universal reflector adapter with Lock and Seal BAREF lamp cord
  • 8 ft heavy duty power cord included
  • Phantom runs completely silent
  • Internal RF shielding
  • Generator ready
  • Heat shedding extruded aluminum fins and elevated rubber feet provide the most efficient cooling in its class
  • Internal resin coating protects components for long life